Ayumu Yamato
Ayumu Yamato (2)
Name Ayumu Yamato
Gender Male
Age 9
Family Sho Yamato (older brother)

Masumi Yamato (mother)
Takeshi Yamato (father)

Hometown Japan
Affiliation -
Bike Unknown MTB (former)

Imperial Dragon (current)

Debut appearance Episode 1
Seiyuu -

"Unleash, Imperial Dragon! Pure and free just like my heart, jump with all your might!"

Ayumu Yamato is Sho Yamato 's younger brother. He joins the group during their return to the X-zone. He used to behave like a maniac and ride without any control when riding MTB's until Koei taught him about control.

He rides the Idaten bike Imperial Dragon (インペリアルドラゴン)

Appearance Edit

Ayumu has brown hair and blue eyes. He wears a light green checkered shirt with a light yellow sleeveless pullover and blue denim shorts. Despite his cute appearance, he goes mad when he rides his Idaten bike.

Personality Edit

Ayumu is a cute, caring younger brother to Sho and he depends alot on Sho Yamato, Makoto Shido, Kakeru Sakamaki and Koei, Arthur.



  • His bike, Imperial Dragon is said to have the most 'blast-off power' out of all the Idaten Bikes and it characterises 'speed' which is one of the six qualities that a powerful MTB should have.
  • He is the character to have crashed the most on his MTB in the series.
  • He is good friends with Koei's sister, Kiku.
  • He is one of the youngest MTB riders in the series.