Flame Kaiser is Sho Yamato's MTB bike. It was handed
  • Sho riding Flame Kaiser on a rocky terrain.
  • Profile pic
  • Flame Kaiser's Platinum Emblem
down to him by his father. Although Sho had this bike before entering the X-Zone, the bike is regarded as a legend even there.

It holds a platinum emblem, bearing the words 'Flame Kaiser' in red and orange in color and a fire mark.

Flame Kaiser is one of the six Idaten Bikes. It is very powerful and is even considered god-like by some people. It can move fast on almost any terrain except water unless it is used by combining the powers of the 6 idaten bikes. Sho likes this bike very much and expects Kakeru to take good care of it. In Episode 14, he says to Saya, "This bike is my baby. I never let it out of my sight." It was later defeated by Imperial X and its owner,Takeshi Yamato. It is the most powerful idaten bike and fastest after imperial tiger. Imperial tiger can destroy all idaten bikes at a time. Flame Kaiser is a good bike.

This caused Sho to go without an emblem for a time, until he acquired Imperial Tiger and used its emblem on Flame Kaiser. It is also seen that Flame Kaiser changes into a bigger bike after Sho returns to the X-Zone. Its special move is known as idaten miracle jump.After this he was also equal to the ancient hero and imperial X.This move was done on IMPERIAL TIGER,this was not enough to beat Takeshi Yamato.In its last episode he combined the power of all idaten bikes.He said that "if we combine the powers of all idaten bikes it will form a power as strong as the legenday rider and imperial X".And then he defeated Imperial X and Takeshi Yamato. This would not have been possible without the power of the other Idaten bikes.



Wheel Base 0.19
Weight 20 kg
Top Speed 348 km/h
Mobility 9
Durability 8
Traction 8
Acceleration 10
General Purpose 10