Kyoichi who uses Imperial Tiger

Imperial Tiger is one of the 3 Imperial bikes made by Takeshi Yamato. It was originally supposed to be the 'dark' bike to the 'light' bike Imperial Dragon, yet it was used for good by Shido and Sho afterward. Kyoichi Shido rode this bike when he was possesed by The Dark Emblem. Shido wore a black outfit as well as a black helmet when riding the bike. Riding this bike is same as going to a special training course. This bike was made for Team - X leader, Kyoichi Shido.
Imperial tiger emblem

Emblem of H V M

After Sho had defeated Kyoichi, Imperial Tiger had also been used by Sho to train for the ultimate technique after losing the Flame Kaiser platinum emblem to his father. Imperial Tiger has a gold emblem.

It can automatically correct the rider's posture to suit the rider and stabilise itself.


Emblem (gold)


Wheel Base 1.20m
Weight 20kgs
Top Speed 1000 kmph
Mobility 10
Durability 10
Traction 10
Acceleration 10
General Purpose 10

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