The main emblems of the show

Emblems are badges on the front of MTBs that bear its name, a design or a picture. In the X-Zone, when an Idaten Battle has ended, the loser has to give his MTBs emblem to the winner. The emblems can also be used as money for buying food or bike parts.

Types of EmblemsEdit

There are three types of emblems - platinum, gold and silver. These are recognized by the border of the emblems. MTBs are given these emblems according to their performance.

1) Silver Emblem: This is the most common emblem on the MTBs in the X-Zone.

New emblems

The X-Zone Emblem and the Shark Tooth Emblem are two other emblems appearing in the show.

2) Gold Emblem: A well-performing bike has this emblem. It is worth 10 silver emblems. Neptune, Hammer Head , Aero Scissors , Thunder Emperor, Bloody Fang, Imperial Dragon and Imperial Tiger have gold emblems.

3) Platinum Emblem: This emblem is present on MTBs having excellent performance and it is worth 3 gold emblems. Example: Flame Kaiser.

The Dark EmblemEdit

The Dark Emblem is used by Team X to control people. It can have silver or gold borders, but so far there has never been one with a platinum border. It can be sticked on the target's body and the emblem slot at the bikes .It has only gold emblem